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Vex 3


Vex 3 - Run To Overcome Challenges

Vex 3 is a fun and exciting stick game full of twists and turns, with a labyrinth of deadly devices and traps on each level. Play Vex 3 for free online.

Stickman's journey will not stop. This game is the 3rd version of the popular game series Vex. This series of games tells about the travels of stickman characters. This character will move into exploring each Act. Each Act will bring players different experiences. In particular, this game has additional acts. This is the ideal environment for you to make discoveries with more challenges. Of course, Vex 3 is not the final version of this series. The 4th version, Vex 4 was also released on Oct 15 2018 by Agame. This version is also expected to bring exceptional challenges for players.

By participating in the Vex 3 game, you will get a lot of different benefits. You can have great entertainment moments. Dramatic and tense stickman character adventures will help you forget the pressures. The stress will be gone when you immerse yourself in the challenges of this game. Moreover, you can improve your problem-solving skills. This game will give you a series of challenges. The difficulties and traps are always waiting for you. You need to come up with different options to overcome them. Solve this problem and move on to the next one! That's how you practice this soft skill.

Features of Vex 3

  • Challenging yet addictive gameplay
  • A range of puzzles to navigate through
  • Bonus levels and achievements for your progress
  • 10 standard levels and 9 additional challenge acts

How to play the Vex 3 games

To play through and progress on Vex 3, you must pass through the deadly traps and devices scattered around each level. You must figure out how to overcome the hardship you are experiencing. You'll be sent back to the nearest checkpoint if you fall prey to one of these deadly contraptions. Control your character to complete all challenges. Instead of steering a car like in the Drift Boss game, you will guide a stickman.

There are 10 different Acts. Each Act has its own map. To pass these maps, you need to combine the stickman character's skills. That is jumping, sliding, swimming, climbing, and running. Jump over deep holes, slide over low ceilings. Climb high platforms and swim through deep pools. Run and reach the destination to complete an Act. Besides, there is hardcore for you to challenge. This is an upgrade level compared to Acts. Can you complete all the acts and hardcore? Show your controls.

How to control: Use the keyboard to move the character.

Trophies after finishing a level in the Vex 3 games

There are 4 trophies for you after you join this game. The first trophy is Standard Acts. This trophy will be awarded after you complete the acts. The next trophy is hardcore. This trophy is awarded to players who complete hardcore and find a hidden star. Besides, you can show off your super skills to get the title of Awesome stuff. This trophy is for players who have high skills and are able to show them off. Especially, when you know how to combine different stickman skills together, you have a high chance to get this trophy. The final trophy is Completion. You get this trophy when you complete a round-up of other categories.

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