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Vex 5


Vex 5 - The Fifth Version Of The Vex Series

Vex 5 is a fun and exciting stickman game. In the fifth episode of the enormously famous Vex series, ingenious traps await you once again.

You must be prepared to fail because spikes and whirling blades behead you regularly. You learn how to master the level through this horrific experience. Then you're taken to the next level to repeat the process. Are you ready to continue overcoming challenges with this Vex 5 game?

The Vex game series where you experience amazing adventures

Have you played one of the Vex series? If you have ever played, you must have learned the main features of this game. If you have never played, deciding to join this game is the right choice for you. This series is the famous game series of Agame. Right from its first launch, this game has attracted millions of plays worldwide. Now the 5th version is out. It is expected that the 6th version, called Vex 6, will also be released soon in the future.

This series of games is about exciting adventures with stickman characters. You will explore this character through a series of acts. The act is a challenge. Through completing acts, you can win prizes as well as trophies. Only talented players can win noble trophies.

Everything functions in Vex according to a pattern. It is prudent to wait and observe. Take your time and work your way through the complex challenges.

Trophies in Vex 5

This 5th edition continues to bring you admirable trophies. You can win rewards by completing acts and quests. There are 4 main trophies.

The first trophy is Standard Acts which you get after completing basic acts. If you complete 1 act, you get 10% of this trophy. After completing all the acts, you will receive this trophy completely. The second trophy is hardcore. This trophy is awarded to players who find hidden stars in acts or complete challenging levels. Each star helps you to multiply by 5% of the trophy. Each challenging level earns you 5% trophies. There are 10 stars and 10 challenging acts in all. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve this trophy. This trophy is considered the most valuable trophy of the 4 trophies of this game.

Besides, you can also get Awesome Stuff trophies. You will receive Awesome Stuff if you complete the acts with perfect ranks. If you do other quests like playing for 1 hour, getting over 100 deaths, or getting crushed by a pushable block, you'll get another Awesome Stuff. Finally, you will receive the Completion trophy if you collect all stars in acts or complete all acts in this game. In addition, you can also get this award if you achieve a gold ranking or better ranking in acts.

This game especially brings many trophies to the players. If you are a fan of online games, you will find few games with as many trophies as this. For example, the Drift Boss game will mainly give you exciting races with different cars instead of trophies. In contrast, this Vex 5 game wants to encourage players by rewarding them with trophies and achievements.

Features of Vex 5

  • Addictive gameplay
  • A range of complex levels
  • Trophies to reward you for progress
  • New challenge mode puts your skills to the test

How to control

  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • S or down arrow to crouch

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