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Zombie Drift

Zombie Drift - Become A Drift Zombie Killer

Welcome to Zombie Drift, where participants kill zombies with vehicles rather than weapons! Start playing the enthralling Zombie Drift game! Are you ready to drift while killing zombies? Take the wheel and drive through waves of creatures!

This game gives you unexpected gameplay. You will not kill zombies in the usual way such as by shooting, punching, or slashing. In this game, you will drive cars to crash them. You will not have the weapons to kill zombies. Therefore, use your driving skills to become the ultimate zombie killer. Besides, you will not control the cars like in the Drift 3 game. Control alone is not enough. You also have to do your own tasks.

In addition, in this zombie combat game, something unusual happened. Famished zombies awoke and began to shake all over the planet in a quest for flesh and brains! With Zombie Zone Drift Race, you may compete in a crazy championship, take down and kill zombies, and have a good time! But be cautious: damaged zombies are still dangerous. Try not to become a victim of these zombies! This awesome jeep driving game is the perfect way to start your zombie road adventure!


  • Free to play.
  • Most loved the game.
  • Cute 3D graphics.
  • The immersive atmosphere with enhanced graphics and sound effects.
  • Realistic physics.
  • Tons of levels.
  • 50 different levels and 9 different cars are waiting for you.

How to play this action game

Control your car to eliminate all zombies on the playing screen. Besides that, you also have to complete sub-missions such as collecting all pumpkins. Submission is random at each level.

Moreover, you need to avoid crashing into the edges of the playing field. If this collision happens, the game will end. Complete all missions to proceed to the next levels. The next levels are increasingly difficult with the more complicated maps and challenges.


You must drift through the arena while avoiding zombies. By drifting, you can kill zombies. Remember to get rid of the pumpkin as well. Pumpkins give zombies their strength.

How to control: Steer your car with arrow keys.

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