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8 Ball Pool Challenge

About 8 Ball Pool Challenge


 8 Ball Pool Challenge is an amazing sports game in which you have to pot all of your designated balls (1 through 7 or 9 through 15) and then pocket the 8-ball.

 Are you ready to leap into the world of Billiards? Play 8 Ball Challenge now and show off your billiards skills. The game mechanic is super easy to learn. First of all, you have to break the rack and choose groups. If you sink a striped ball, you are stripes. Reversely, you are solids, if you pocket a solid ball. At this time, your objective is to pot the 8-ball after shooting all of your designated balls (either striped balls or solid balls) into the pocket. Try your best to aim correctly and predict the line of the balls you want to shoot. You can not pocket the 8-ball until you have potted all of your designated balls. If you pocket the 8-ball at any point after the break, you will lose immediately. However, if you sink the 8-ball on the break, you win.

 Click to try playing 8 Ball Pool Challenge now! Are you the best billiard player?

 Features of 8 Ball Pool Challenge:

  • 3 levels: Easy. Normal, and Hard
  • Splendid 3D graphics and catchy music 

 How to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot


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