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Among Us: Space Rush

Play Among Us: Space Rush - An Exciting Running Game

Among Us: Space Rush is a fun running game based on the character Among Us, an astronaut. Find more of your comrades by running down an obstacle-filled course.

Do you enjoy playing running games? It's a lot of fun. If you enjoy the characters from the Among Us series, Among Us: Space Rush is the game for you. Don't wait any longer to join the Among Us running journey. I'm sure you'll enjoy this game! In this game, you will see the appearance of the characters in This is an entertaining game for many players. Besides, there are many other games that have also been inspired by this game. You can try playing the Space Imposter game to enjoy a new adventure. However, in this game, you will transform into an imposter instead of a crewmate.

Play Space Rush Online To Gain Victory

The purpose of the game is to reach the goal of each level with the most characters. However, it is wary that it is not simple. It appears that you will encounter millions of perils along the route, so be cautious. Attempt to get a higher score on each level. Along the journey, you'll be able to unlock several milestones that will allow you to better your gameplay skills or gain access to more goodies.

A new arrival game with the best aesthetic and characters of the franchise. If you're like us and you're often running over dangerous platforms in different stages of the game, be careful since you can tumble off cliffs or collide with numerous obstacles like explosives or things that will get in your way.

How to control: Click the left mouse to jump.

Tips for playing the Among Us: Space Rush

  • Be very careful because you may fall into deep pits or collide with other dangerous obstacles such as bombs. They are scattered on this route.
  • Look closely at the entire map. You should not just look in front of the character. If you do, you will be surprised by unexpected obstacles.

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