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Body Race Online


Body Race Online - Online Lifestyle To Have A Fit Body

Body Race Online is an exciting health and beauty game where you can easily experience weight loss by rubbing and eating healthy foods instead of fast food.

Determine how your body will look in this game! Like in real life, your choices will determine the results you will see in this game. Just try to make informed choices that will give you the best results! Do you think you can overcome your impulses and make the right choices?

Health is an important factor for a person. In order to ensure your health, you should control your weight. Looking at your body, can you guess how much you weigh? Being too heavy or too thin is not good for your body. A fit body is the best thing for your physical as well as mental health. This game took the ideal from this and created the Body Race Online game. This game is combined with the running game genre. From there, you can enjoy the races. However, this game does not require you to drive like the Drift Boss game. It also does not require you to use a skateboard like in the Skateboard Master game. In this game, you only need to control a girl.

The main character in the Body Race Online game is a girl. You can decide her physique and body before starting the race. You can let her have a slim or voluptuous figure. This depends on your preference.

How to play the Body Race Online game

In this game, you have dozens of choices to make everything fit. On various levels, you will come across different options that you can choose from. Sometimes there will be burgers, ice cream, and coke. Sometimes there will be healthy vegetables. Depending on the icon you decide to go through, your character will consume that food. This action will ultimately determine if you can make it to the next level. Because you have to be under a certain weight to get through the level, you should make choices that will balance out your character's diet. Always choose healthy food, and the extra exercise icons will make your character slimmer.

These healthy foods will help you become thinner. Fast foods will make you fat. The goal in this game is usually to reach 60 kg. If you reach weights close to this number, it is fine but you will get fewer points. Control your weight to stay in the safe zone. If you succeed, you can unlock new costumes for your character and progress to the next level. There are many different outfits. You can wear nurse, student, office, or police uniforms. These suits will make your character more beautiful than ever. Unlock as many outfits as you can! Besides, you can choose to unlock costumes by watching ads. This is the fastest way to unlock costumes in Body Race Online.

Features of Body Race Online

  • Fitness games
  • Cool graphics and art animation
  • Simple gameplay
  • Multiple levels
  • Earn Coins

How to control: Slide your mouse to move your character.

Release Date: Jan 17, 2022

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