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Cannon Minimal

About Cannon Minimal


Cannon Minimal is an intriguing puzzle arcade game in which you have to aim and shoot a ball into a basket to complete a level using a cannon.

Overcome levels by using a cannon and shooting a ball exactly into a basket! In order to complete this goal, you have to use the left and right arrow keys to change the direction of a cannon to aim. Then, press the power button on the screen to adjust the force and release it to shoot. See the power bar on the bottom screen to check your force. You can shoot countless times until there is a ball falling into the basket and you can proceed to the next level. This arcade game has 20 different levels with various maps. You can face complex maps with obstacles of challenging levels with moving baskets. Can you complete your missions and conquer all levels? Start this game and enjoy it!

Tips to play Cannon Minimal

  • Aim carefully 
  • Shoot when obstacles move out
  • Use the suitable angle

How to control

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to aim the cannon
  • Press the power button on the right bottom screen to adjust the force and release it to shoot

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