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Car Driving Stunt Game


Car Driving Stunt Game - Game For Lovers Of Challenges

Car Driving Stunt Game is a car driving simulation for singleplayer. In this game, you are free to drive a car to run around the city to enjoy driving feelings.

Do you like freedom? Do you like the comfort and no tasks? Our lives are inherently difficult with the tasks we have to do. So, do you look for a superb game based on the freestyle theme? Come to this game to experience what you desire. This game has a different gameplay than normal driving games. As you may know, you will control the cars to fight or race like in the Car Chase game. However, this game gives you highways, roads, airports, and stations for you to unleash drifts and stunts. Don't hesitate to show off your super-driving skills!

Features of Car Driving Stunt Game

  • The thrilling and fun game
  • Freedom to drive
  • Cool graphics and effects

Perform Your Skills in the Car Driving Stunt Game

In this game, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the magnificent city. Cities are filled with tall buildings, towers, and parks where the roads are clear and unblocked. If you don't like to go to the city, you can choose to drive a car outside the suburbs to enjoy the blank lands with twists and turns for you to challenge.

Note that the vehicle's fuel may run out, so pay attention. This game also has highways where you can run at high speed. Start the car, turn on the throttle and start running.

How to control

  • Up arrow for hastened
  • Down arrow for brakes
  • Left and right arrows for navigating left and right respectively

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