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Car Eats Car 2


Car Eats Car 2 - Intense Battles Among Cas - Mad Dreams

Car Eats Car 2 is a fascinating car driving game in which you have to control a car to overcome obstacles to reach the finish line while collecting gems.

This game is the second installment of the Car Eats Car game series. If you are a fan of the first season, there is no reason to miss the second because this upgraded version will bring you new experiences based on the first version. This game tells about this amazing adventure of a car. This car is always going to adventure and face a series of challenges. It is these things that create the scary appearance of this car. You can see the obvious difference between the cars in Car Eats Car 2 and in Drift Boss. In the game Drift Boss, the cars look simple or sophisticated, but they are all designed based on the real car style.

In contrast, the cars in Car Eats Car 2 are designed as monsters in the shape of a car. This monster is green with fierce eyes and sharp teeth. It is always ready to fight with other cars. Moreover, this game will continue to release new versions. The Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure game has been released. Visit and play to see the difference between the versions in the Car Eats Car game series. Your owner is a little boy who is bullied by his friends at school. You are a small car and are also treated badly by other cars. You can't take this situation any longer and you decide to leave and find a peaceful place. Let's help your car!

Features of Car Eats Car 2

  • The thrilling and exciting car driving game
  • Various levels with different obstacles
  • Collect gems to upgrade cars and buy items

How to play this Car Eats Car version

Your task is to control the car to overcome the difficult roads full of obstacles and challenges. Avoid windmills and rolling stones. Cross the wood panels in the way. Collect bonuses and gems along the way. You can use gems in the store to buy weapons to destroy obstacles, gadgets to increase your income at each level and upgrade your car.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the Z key to boost
  • Press the X key to use weapons

Upgrade and Buy Items in the Car Eats Car 2 game

You can buy a lot of different items. The first item is the bomb. You can buy many different types of bombs. Each type of bomb has a different price and use.

  • Bomb (Level 1, Price: 500 rubies, Damage: 50): basic conventional bomb to moderate blast area and damages.
  • Frag Bomb (Level 2, Price: 1000 rubies, Damage: 100): basic bomb equipped with traps. The traps inflict additional damage.
  • He Bomb (Level 3, Price: 2000 rubies, Damage: 150): high explosive bomb to extend the blast area and damages.
  • Cluster Bomb (Level 4, Price: 3000 rubies, Damage: 200): a cluster of HE micro bombs to cover the blast area with bombs.
  • EMP Bomb (Level 5, Price: 5500 rubies, Damage: 250): electromagnetic pulse emitter to slow down mech enemies.

In addition, you can upgrade your car and purchase some other items.

  • Ruby Magnet (Price 50 wheels, Range: 100): generates a magnetic field that attracts rubies.
  • Titanium Bumpers (Price: 100 wheels, Damage: 50): add a super strong bumper to ram your enemies.
  • Ruby Replicator (Price: 200 wheels, Rate: 100): a mysterious device that doubles every ruby ​​you collect.
  • Force Shield Generator (Price: 400 wheels, Armor: 500): generate an enemy force shield around the car.
  • Turbo Recharger (Price: 800 wheels, Recharge Time: 1): slowly recharge the jet engine to reduce your dependence on bonuses.

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