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Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure


Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure is a great game when you get to participate in a survival race in the ocean. Start racing and show off your pro racing skills right now!

Ready for a fight against other racers in a dynamic race on the highway? It seems that you will have more difficulty when there is a very special race here. It's a race at the bottom of the ocean. You didn't mishear! This is the truth! This one-of-a-kind ride will make you have a wonderful experience. Besides this adventure on the bottom of the ocean, you can experience another adventure called Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure. This game will take you to a volcanic world with new challenges and dangers.

Your tasks in the Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure game

Your mission in this game is to overcome your enemies and create your own car! This is a fierce survival game where if you cannot meet the requirements of this game you will be disqualified immediately! If you have good driving skills that is a big advantage. Also, you need to control the turbocharger speed. It is essential and it will come in handy in this crazy driving simulation game.

Drive your vehicle and reach the destination to complete a level. Unlike endless races in the Drift Boss game, there are different levels in this game. You need to try to overcome all the challenges of the game to be able to finish the adventure. You will face many challenges. There are monster fish. They will constantly attack you. You can destroy these monsters by smashing them or using items. There are health bars on the heads of monsters. They will die when this bar runs out. Besides, you will have to overcome dangerous corals with sharp spikes. Your path will also be a challenge. Paths can collapse after you touch them. Be careful!

How to control

  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move.
  • Spacebar to use bombs.
  • Z, X, or L and Shift key to use Turbo.

Cars, Gadgets, and Bombs in the Underwater Adventure Version

3 Main Cars

  • Megalodon has the form of a fierce shark with 3 wheels: 2 small wheels in front and a big wheel in the back. Thanks to this unique design, this car will help you overcome steep terrain more safely, especially when moving up high. You will not be flipped backward. Megalodon's stats are Armor: 100, Turbo: 200, Speed: 120, and Damage: 110.
  • Alligator has the form of a herbivorous dinosaur but has a terrifying appearance. It also has 3 wheels but the big wheel is in between the two small wheels. This design allows you to balance both front and rear. All gravity is focused on the center of the vehicle. Alligator stats: Armor: 100, Turbo: 200, Speed: 90, and Damage: 140.
  • Barracuda takes the form of a blue monster fish. It has a large tail with three equal wheels. This vehicle can be used on all terrains. This design does not give you many advantages or disadvantages. Barracuda's stats: Armor: 160, Turbo: 210, Speed: 115, and Damage: 140.

3 Main Gadgets

  • Magnet (2000 rubies) generates a magnetic field that attracts rubies.
  • Bomb Replicator (5000 rubies) slowly generates bombs in the stock.
  • EMP Emitter (10,000 rubies) emits an electromagnetic pulse that paralyzes enemies around you.

3 Main Bombs

  • Basic Bomb (1000 rubies): basic conventional bomb to moderate blast area and damage.
  • Frag Bomb (4000 rubies): basic bomb with frags to inflict additional damage by frags.
  • Water Bomb (8000 rubies): hungry piranhas with pleasure eat enemies.

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