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Car Eats Car Evil Cars


Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Car Eats Car Evil Cars is an attractive driving game. In this game, your mission is to control a car to avoid catching of cop while overcoming obstacles.

Welcome back to the Car Eats Cars series where you can participate in thrilling car races! In this new version, you continue to transform into a ferocious vehicle capable of destroying everything with sharp teeth. In addition, you're a criminal that the police want to catch. In order to be able to escape from the police pursuit, what will you do? This game is considered one of the best versions of the Car Eats Car series of developers SMOKOKO LTD. After this game, the developer will continue to release many new versions like Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure to give players a better experience.

Features of Car Eats Car Evil Cars

  • The intense chases with the cop
  • Collect gems and powers
  • Level up
  • Cool graphics and effects

Overcome challenges to complete levels in this game

Your task is to control your car through dangerous roads with countless obstacles. However, you do not need to worry too much because the fighting power of the car is extremely large. Besides that, you can also collect supernatural powers along the way and rubies. Overtake or destroy police cars and vehicles on the road.

There are many levels in this Car Eats Car Evil Cars game. You can enjoy exciting adventures with the car while overcoming obstacles. This is different from the competition of this game, the Drift Boss game where you experience endless adventures with cars. Your car is capable of breaking all obstacles on the way. Blocks can be destroyed in one hit. If the police cars chase you, you can crash them to destroy them. There is a health bar above their heads. When this bar runs out, your enemies are killed. You should not let them attack you because you can also be destroyed if the 3 shields on the upper left are destroyed. Besides, you can track the speed and nitro bars in the middle of the screen.

After completing a level, you will receive a summary table. Through this table, you can see your achievements in collected items, killed enemies, and total collection. You will know how many rubies you get through that level. Remember to spin the wheel of fortune to receive surprise gifts!

How to control

  • Space - Bombs
  • X - Turbo
  • W - Gas
  • S - Brake A
  • D - Balancing
  • Up arrow key to go
  • Down arrow key to brake
  • Right arrow key to balance

Cars, Gadgets, and Bombs in Car Eats Car Evil Cars game

A variety of vehicles are provided in this game. There is a total of 18 cars in the Car Eats Car Evil Cars game. Each vehicle has 4 stats: armor, turbo, speed, and damage. You can unlock these cars using rubies. Each car will give you different experiences at each level.

In addition, gadgets and bombs are indispensable items in this game. There are 5 different gadgets: Missile Launcher, Freeze Ray, Magnet, Bomb Replicator, and EMP Emitter. These items can also be purchased with rubies. Each item costs differently from 800 to 15,000 rubies. The most expensive item in Car Eats Car Evil Cars is the EMP Emitter for 15,000 rubies. Finally, 5 types of bombs are also available to be unlocked with rubies. They are Basic Bombs, Frag Bombs, Flame Bomb, Cluster Bomb, and Shrink Bombs.

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