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Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure


Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure

Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure is a famous active game where you turn into an evil car. You have to escape from the terrible prison of the cops.

If you love racing games with many difficult levels, Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure will meet your demand. This version was released on Nov 28, 2019. Developer SMOKOKO LTD released this version after Car Eats Car Evil Cars version to give players more exciting experiences. You can go on an adventurous journey by car. Explore new lands together and complete quests. The road will be arduous and difficult, but you will learn a lot of lessons after these challenging trips. Good luck!

The game will bring an incredible feeling to everyone in their free time. Come and help the evil car escape from the prison to enjoy wonderful entertaining moments. You can have fun with these rides. Trips always help us recharge energy. It helps you reduce stress and forget fatigue. Besides, this game will help you improve your control skills after overcoming a series of difficult challenges. This benefit is similar to the Drift Boss game. Driving is something that all players can improve through this online game.

Features of Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Destroying enemies
  • Collecting rubies for upgrades

Join Unexpected Adventures In The Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure game

Your character is an evil car who has to escape the underground prison. On your way, you have to face many challenges like tons of monsters, police cars, and sharp saws. You need to overtake all the obstacles to go to the exit door. You should collect as many rubies as you can because they are very useful. They can be used to power up your engine, weapon, or turbo. Moreover, you also select the health bonuses or power on the road to be stronger. If you want to destroy enemies or monsters, press space to use booms.

In particular, you can collect eggs along the way and start growing them in the lab. The eggs will grow and bring you a surprise gift. Let's wait together.

How to control

  • Use arrows to move forward, brake, and keep balance
  • Press space to throw bombs and the Z key to use turbo

Significant Items In this Adventure game

Like previous versions, the Dungeon Adventure version also provides players with many cars, gadgets, and bombs. These items will assist you in completing the levels of this game. The Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure game has 20 different cars with unique appearances and designs. Each vehicle has its own armor, turbo, speed, and damage stats. You need to use rubies collected along the way to unlock these cars. The more expensive the car is, the better its parameters are. As a result, you can pass challenging roads more quickly.

In addition, there are 5 gadgets, including Missile Launcher, Freeze Ray, Magnet, Bomb Replicator, and EMP Emitter. These are all items that have appeared in previous versions. You can try playing Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure to experience more things about this game. Besides, familiar bombs also appear: Basic Bombs, Frag Bombs, Flame Bombs, Cluster Bombs, and Shrink Bombs. Each type of bomb has its own effect.

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