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Car Rush

Car Rush - Racing In Different Worlds

Car Rush is a racing game. You will travel across three separate places, each with three different tracks and varying levels of difficulty. Race across the city, desert, and snow in this action-packed game! To gain power-ups and coins, avoid obstacles and other cars. Use your coins to purchase improvements and get access to new races and vehicles. The higher you progress in the game, the more your automobile driving talents will be put to the test. So buckle up, get ready, and join this classic racing game.

This game will bring you new worlds with 3 different tracks to explore. Can you discover the world in this game? Enjoy exciting adventures with your car and show your driving skills! Besides that, the Car Chase game is also a great game for you to express your controlling ability intensely through battles among cars.

Tips When Playing The Car Rush Game

  • In this spectacular Car Rush driving game, you may put your driving talents to the test! Drive your beautiful convertible sports vehicle over the country roads around Beanotown, feeling the breeze in your hair and the sound of bed bugs in your teeth!
  • Drive as quickly as you can to the checkpoint while avoiding hitting other cars, trees, or road signs! Your drive is ended if you time out!
  • Swerving and colliding with other vehicles may force you to slow down, so try not to crash! In any case, this is virtually always sound advice!
  • Stay on the road at maximum speed, going up the grass will slow you down!
  • It's better to slow down a little before a tight corner than to go too fast and slide off the road!

How to control: Use arrow keys to control your car.

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