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About Cat Car

Welcome to Cat Car - a new adventure game. In this game, you will control a Cat Car in a mini-map, collect yellow balls, and avoid red balls.

It is not as dramatic as Car Eats Car 2. Cat Car is an exciting adventure. You will control a cat car moving on a mini-map, where there are many moving balls. You have to collect the yellow balls to get scores and avoid the red balls.

Features of Cat Car

  • A cat-shaped car
  • A flat map
  • Collect the ball

Choose your favorite color for your car

You can choose the color of your cat-shaped car before each turn. If you love vibrant colors, the game has car colors: Orange, Pink Troll, Green Troll, Browny, or Blacky. If you love wild animals, the game features Zebra, Leopard, and tiger-colored cars.

Choose your favorite car color and conquer all the challenges of the game.

How to play

You will be controlling a cat-shaped car moving around the map. The balls will move freely on the map. It can roll toward you, or it can also roll back toward you. You need to collect big yellow balls. You will have 60 seconds for each game turn. Each time you collect the yellow ball you will get 3 points and an extra second of time. If you collect the red ball you will lose 3 seconds. There are always red balls around the yellow balls, so you have to be very careful not to touch them.

How to control:

  • Use the key arrow to control.
  • Use the up arrow to move toward.
  • Use the down arrow to move backward.
  • Use the left and the right arrow to turn left and right.
  • Use the SPACE to start the game.
  • Use the R key to reset to start position.

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