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Christmas Drive

Christmas Drive

Christmas Drive is the perfect car driving game to play during Christmas. You control the car carrying a giant pine tree home to decorate this year's Christmas! In this game, you must disregard all traffic laws, navigate uneven roads, and collect cash along the way. The mood of the long-awaited trip just adds to the enjoyment.

Welcome to this magical Christmas adventure! You can see Christmas in many online games like the Santa Hill Climbing game and the Winter Moto game. You'll be traveling around a beautifully adorned city, evading obstacles, jumping off vagrants, and claiming goodies that float in the air. The more coins you collect, the more enhancements you'll be able to purchase at the conclusion of the level. Upgrade your vehicle to make it faster and more powerful, or purchase a whole new vehicle with superior qualities. Complete all of the levels and have fun! Besides, you can try the Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure game to experience more driving themes.

Tips for Christmas Drive

  • This race, unlike others, is not dependent on speed. When operating a vehicle, you must demonstrate your abilities. You will overturn and explode if you shoot the engine too aggressively. The result is the same if you lightly press the gas pedal. To make advancement, you'll need to strike a fine balance.
  • You have a store as well. Change your money for a newer model of car. The best aspect is that you have your own garage. In fact, it's also a full-service vehicle repair shop. You can modify the color of your car here, as well as its speed and tires. All moves are immediately reflected in your "racer's" expression.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to control and balance your car!

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