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City Minibus Drive


City Minibus Driver - Experience Becoming A Minibus Driver

The City Minibus Driver game allows you to take on the role of a bus driver in a crowded city. In career mode, you must transport passengers to bus stations on schedule and on the correct route. After each successful mission, you will be rewarded financially. Minibus racing is also a viable way to make money. You can buy faster and more expensive minibusses from the garage with the money you earn. The wheel of a minibus may burst, causing the vehicle to run out of gasoline. alternatively, minibus passengers may dislike the minibus because it is filthy. You'll have to deal with all of these concerns as well. Because you'll be a fantastic driver!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Entertainment games
  • Unlockable colors
  • 4 different game modes

How to control

  • Move W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keys.
  • Looking back: B
  • Fixed position of bus: R
  • Handbrake: SPACE
  • Whistle: 1,2,3
  • Camera: C
  • Looking back: B
  • Fix the position of the bus: Handbrake O

Modes in the City Minibus Driver game

Unlike the Body Race Online game, this game has four different modes, each with its own set of objectives. In career mode, you'll be responsible for getting passengers to bus stations on time. You will receive money for each successful task. Competitions for minibus racing are also an excellent method to get money. With the money you make, you can purchase a quicker and more luxurious minibus from the garage. Minibus wheels can explode and minibusses can run out of gas while in transit. Passengers on minibusses may dislike them because they are unclean.

All of these challenges will be yours to overcome. You can even drive in free mode for a little peace of mind if you're bored with the pick-up! Are you up for the challenge of being the finest minibus driver in town?

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