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Cosmic Racer 3D

Cosmic Racer 3D - Racing In Endless Space

Cosmic Racer 3D- an exciting, fast-paced arcade game. You will fly a fighter jet participate in the space war there are many obstacles waiting for you to overcome!

In this space simulation game, you must avoid obstacles and destroy towers. Fly your battleship into opposing trenches, neutralize enemies with laser doors, and track down the boss. It's up to you to win this cosmic battle! Stay, don't crash, and trust your instincts!

Release date: August 2019

Feature elements of the Cosmic Racer 3D game

  • High-speed action game.
  • Magical space graphics and realistic sounds. This game will bring the most exciting playing moments with 3D graphics. The amazing visuals and smooth motion will make you unable to stop this game. Moreover, the main character is a robot. This character will make you enjoy this game more.
  • There are many levels and many obstacles to increasing the difficulty of the game. This feature is similar to the Vex 3 game where you can experience a range of obstacles with a stickman.
  • Suitable for all ages. This game is designed for all ages. Age is not important when you join this game because the gameplay is simple and the controls are easy.

How to control:

  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to control the movement of the space fighter
  • Press SPACEBAR or LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot

You will participate in races in endless space tunnels. You need to try to get the highest score possible. However, it is difficult because countless obstacles are waiting for you. Remember to collect coins along the way and random powerups. They will help you speed up or create a protective shield to help you improve your racing ability.

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