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Death Chase

Play Death Chase

Play and experience a dramatic race with Death Chase. In this game, you have to compete with other cars and simultaneously avoid the obstacles on the track.

You have been immersed in suffocating races in Car Eats Car Evil Cars. So, let's play Death Chase - A thrilling racing game. In this game, you will control a car and race against 4 other cars. The vehicles include cars, buses, taxis, ambulances, and racing cars. 5 cars will be on the same track, competing with each other for first place.

Features of Death Chase

  • The thrilling race
  • Attack other cars
  • Equip the weapon

How to play

This is an intense game, where 5 cars compete for 1st place. You can attack by crashing to damage the opponent's car ahead. You can also use rockets to attack your opponents. However, you have to be careful because the opponent can do the same to take you down. Moreover, while racing you also have to pay attention to the obstacles. Obstacles can damage your car just as much as your opponent's hits. When your car is exploded, you can still continue the race. Because the game will respawn your car to the time before the crash. However, this is exactly what the opponent wants because you have fallen behind. Your chance to reach first place is getting farther and farther.

You will be rated stars and receive money when you are in the top 3. The number of stars you get will depend on your ranking. If you are not in the top 3, then you have failed this race.

You can also use the money to equip your vehicle with weapons such as rockets. This will be your huge advantage on the track.

How to control

  • Use Z to slam or jump
  • Use X to launch the rocket
  • Use R to restart the race
  • Use the key arrow to move

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