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Desert Car Racing


Participate In Desert Car Driving To Show Your Driving Skills

Desert Car Driving is a competitive racing game. Your objective is to be the first car driver to reach the finish line and get as much money as possible.

Have you ever participated in a car race in the desert? This game offers you a chance to do that. Come on! Click to play Desert Car Driving now to show off your driving skills and enjoy a sense of speed. Besides that, you also play the Ace Drift game to show your driving game. Both these games give you high-speed races. You need to master the speed in these two games. Show your bravery and win many admirable achievements. In particular, this driving game has 10 different levels for you to explore. You can use 4 super cars in this game and do challenges.

Features of Desert Car Racing:

  • 10 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • 4 supercars
  • Different camera angles
  • Excellent 3D visuals and lively music tunes

Racing in the Desert Car Driving game

In this game, you have to drive your car to race with other cars. Especially, the racetrack is built in the desert, so it is truly curvy and rugged. You have to control your car carefully to avoid running off the track or hitting stones and plants on the road. You can activate the nitro to boost the speed to overtake your rivals. Do your best to be the first one to reach the finish line. The game only ends when you cross the finish line. The game rewards you with a lot of money after getting your victory.

How to control

  • Press the WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Press a SPACEBAR to activate nitro.

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