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About Diggy

Let's create memorable experiments with Diggy. This is an interesting game, where you will find a way to dig up valuable treasures and sell them.

It is not a fun adventure with a skateboard like Skateboard Master. In the Diggy game, you will play a digger. As you can know, the job of diggers is to find valuable treasures. These treasures can be sold and exchanged for money.

Let's join the game, find valuable treasures, and improve life.

Features of Diggy

  • A treasure-digging game
  • Use energy to dig
  • Sell treasure

How to play

This is a simple game but no less interesting. At first, you will stand on the ground and drill your drills into the battleground below to find treasure. You can use the key arrows on the keyboard to move your digger to the location of the treasure and collect them.

In each game, you will be given 100 energy. Each time you use the drill will consume a certain amount of energy. The amount of energy consumed will depend on the depth you dig. Horizontal drills use more energy than deep drills.

The deep or shallow drill of your dig also depends on the type of soil you dig. Bright soils are relatively easy to dig. Darker soils are harder to dig and consume more energy. Rocks are the hardest to dig.

How to control

  • Use the right arrow to move right
  • Use the left arrow to move left
  • Use the mouse to drill
  • Press E to use the radar

The valuable treasures

Find and dig for valuable treasures. For rubies, you will sell 5 coins. For mercury, you will sell 30 coins. If you dig eggs, you can sell them for 40 coins. Treasures like rubies and mercury will have hints for you. In order to find the egg, you have to figure it out yourself. Use the radar to find Treasure easier.

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