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Draw Car Race


Draw Car Race - A Puzzle Game

Draw Car Race is a drag and race arcade game similar to Draw Car 3D. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw cars and get to the finish line as fast as you can!

The Draw Car Race game will surprise you with different puzzles. This game has many different puzzles corresponding to each level. At these levels, you will face a challenging path. You need to draw a suitable car to pass these roads. You worry you can't draw a car. This game will not give you a hard time. The game gives you two wheels. You can draw any shape. That image will be attached to 2 wheels and start the journey. While moving, you can change the shape of the car continuously. However, you need to pay attention to the road you need to cross to turn the vehicle of the appropriate size.

The gameplay of the Draw Car Race game

This entertaining game is the most popular fun special racing game. Coming to this game you will experience a whole new racing feeling when you are the one to draw your car. This new entertainment feeling will not be found in any other driving game. Even the game Body Race Online cannot give you this feeling.

You can draw straight lines or curves. You can draw a long or short car. All shapes are created by you. However, it needs to be fit to be able to overcome obstacles. There will be empty cells appearing on the track. And you need to create a shape to go through those empty cells. otherwise, you will fall down and not complete your mission.

This fun game is the most loved. Don't hesitate to join this special race right now. You will be completely amazed at the car shapes that you create. It's really funny. Wish you happy gaming!

How to control

Use your mouse to draw the shapes of your car.

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