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Drift Car To Right


Drift Car To Right - Drift And Turn Right

Drift Car To Right is a simple MiniDrifts-based game. An automobile is shown on the track in the game. The player must press the car to turn left after starting it. The track will be formed as the car travels forward, then a straight line or curve will be generated at random. When the car collides with the track's edge, the game is over.

You need to try to move as far as possible. The longer you run, the higher your score. The game will save your best score. How many points will you score in this simple game? This game has simple gameplay like the Drift Boss game. However, your car will only turn to the left instead of both sides. In addition, you will also have difficulty because the right turns are complicated. These bends form curves. It is difficult to move without colliding with the edge of the path. Move as carefully as possible to achieve the highest achievements.

This game has simple gameplay and graphics. After participating in this game, you will see winding roads with a simple green background. It promises to bring you wonderful relaxing moments. Besides, you can also try playing the Drift Cars to show great drifts.

Tips for playing the Drift Car To Right game

In this addictive arcade-style racing game, the race for the highest score. You can only drive to the right, so don't crash if you overslide! The course is set directly in front of you, so remain on your toes and respond swiftly to get to the top of the leaderboard and pass the competition.

You should move in the middle of the track to avoid colliding with the edges of the track. Besides, you should also control the car slowly at complicated turns. If you turn right too fast, you will lose control of your vehicle.


  • Fun racing game.
  • The most popular racing game.
  • Addictive racing game.
  • Game to kill time.
  • Cute cartoon graphics.
  • Realistic sounds.
  • Simple games.
  • Suitable for all ages.

How to control: Control by touch or mouse.

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