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Endless Hot Pursuit


About Endless Hot Pursuit

Participate in dramatic races in Endless Hot Pursuit. You will be participating in an endless race, where you will have to fight other cars.

You've been shivering with breathless chases in Car Chase, so I think you can easily adapt to Endless Hot Pursuit. In this game, players will have to move on an endless arena, where they must avoid the attack of other cars and become the person to survive the longest. Play Endless Hot Pursuit and enjoy the thrill of endless racing!

Features of the Endless Hot Pursuit

  • A racing game
  • Participate in an endless race
  • Avoid the obstacles and the pursuit of a police car

Fix the car to have a hot race

After every race, your car will break down. Fix them in the garage for the hottest races. You have to have the money to be able to fix the car. To have the money, you have to participate in races and receive reward money. You can repair and upgrade 4 parts of the car: The steering wheel, speed, wheels, and front end. In addition, you can also choose your favorite color for your car. The game has countless colors for you to choose from. Complete the races with the highest score and get the money.

How to play

The game is set on an endless track in the desert, where there are many cars. You will participate in this race, try to race as long as you can. In this race, you will be chased by police cars, which chase you constantly. You have to avoid the police chase, and at the same time, you also have to avoid obstacles on the road. You can also cut off the police by making round turns that cause the police cars to crash into each other and explode.

How to control: Use the arrow on the keyboard to control the car.

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