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Epic City Driver


Play the Epic City Driver game

Driving in the city is a difficult experience when you are faced with traffic congestion. However, in this game, you don't have to deal with traffic jams. Have you ever driven on wide roads in a city? In this game, only you and 3 opponents move on the city roads. Take advantage of this time to experience special races in the epic city. Wish you have a great experience!

Keyboard Control

It is easy to control cars in this driving game. You just need to use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to navigate your car. Use the W key or up arrow key to move forward. Press the S key or down arrow key to go backward. Use the AD key or the right and left arrow keys to turn to either side. Press the spacebar to brake. You can easily grasp these joysticks the first time you play this driving game.

Your Mission

Like the Cars Driver game, you have to control a car. However, you will compete with 3 other players to win. Try to overcome the tricky roads, and finish the laps to the finish line first. The most prestigious title is the person who finishes first. Besides, you should be careful with the bends. It is hard to pass these bends easily. You may end up hitting the edge of the road. However, it is okay. You can still continue your race. The game is timed. Try to complete the task in the shortest time.

Power-ups in the Epic City Driver game

There are 3 main power-ups in this thrilling racing game. You can collect them along the way. The power-ups line up in a horizontal row. You have the opportunity to choose the power-ups you want.

List of power-ups

  • Shields help to create a shield to protect your car from damage.
  • Bombs help you attack other players. As a result, your opponents will have a hard time in the race to become the champion.
  • Boosters help you speed up in a short time.

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