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Geometry Dash Online


About Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online is an arcade game with simple gameplay. In this game, the player will control a block by jumping over the obstacles on the way.

It is a character control game. However, Geometry Dash Online will be more difficult than Body Race Online because it requires players to act quickly. Players have to control a block that jumps over various obstacles on the way. Players can be playing in 3 different modes with different levels of gameplay.

Features of Geometry Dash Online

  • Simple gameplay
  • Control block through vảious obstacles
  • Play the game in 3 modes

Play Geometry Dash Online in 3 modes

Players will play the game in 3 modes: Stereo madness, Back on track, and Polargeist,

  • In Stereo madness mode: It is the easiest mode. The player controls a block that jumps over thorny obstacles.
  • In Back on track mode: The obstacles have become more complex. You can use colored liquid puddles on the way to jump higher. However, sometimes these puddles of liquid can also cause you to fail quickly. Pay attention to the obstacles above to dodge the puddles of liquid
  • In the Polargeist mode: It includes the obstacles in the other 2 modes above. However, this mode allows the player to jump twice in the air to overcome complex obstacles.

Challenge yourself with Geometry Dash Online

This is a game with simple gameplay but contains many challenges. You just need to click the left mouse to make the block jump. But obstacles like triangular blocks and puddles of liquid appeared continuously. It requires you to be agile to avoid them. As soon as your block hits the obstacle, you fail immediately.

The highest score will be saved and shown in the main menu.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the block.

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