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About Magic Run

Magic Run is a simple, addictive, and fun game. Come to this game to control a little boy and overcome all obstacles in the magic world. Avoiding obstacles will be easier if you have good reflexes and quick reactions. You can also use your magic power to help you avoid obstacles. Magic power can be used to teleport yourself or other objects in the game world.

How to play Magic Run

The gameplay of this game is very simple: just tap on the screen when it's time for you to move forward or jump over an obstacle. This game has easy controls like Minecraft Online, Drift Boss, and Alien Jump. You can play these games for the first playtime.

It's an unending runner in this game. Tap the screen to jump, but be careful near the witch. Avoid the bags that the witch who used magic threw. Keep in mind that even if you are a person and can kill the bird, your murder will also occur since you have been changed into a frog.

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