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Moto X3M: Spooky Land


Moto X3M: Spooky Land - Races In Frightening Landscapes

Moto X3M: Spooky Land is the sixth episode in the Moto X3M series. Drive your motorcycle past obstacles and stunt opportunities on Halloween-themed circuits.

Welcome to the new version of the Moto X3m game! Coming to this game, players seem to be lost in a spooky world with dark and scary tracks. Are you a brave person or not? Join this game to know it. No one who is not brave can overcome the challenges when going into the ghost land in this game. Let's continue with your character on exciting adventures to a new land! Besides that, the Moto Maniac 3 game is also a great moto-driving game for fans of adventure.

This game has 3 bikes for you to equip. The first moto is with the familiar orange character. This character appears in many versions of the game Moto X3m. The second character is a witch riding a red motorcycle. The third character has a pumpkin head and a slim body. This character rides a skeleton motorcycle.

How to control your character in this moto game

Control your character and reach the finish line and complete the levels. There are different levels in this game. However, it is difficult to complete all the levels. In particular, the higher the levels, the higher the difficulty of the game. You will face a series of challenges. Dangerous green lakes. Deadly bombs are placed everywhere. Roads can be moved. Avoid collisions to reach your destination safely!

To ensure you pass these challenges, you need to know how to use the necessary skills when riding a motorcycle. Accelerate when you need to go uphill. Brake when you encounter complicated roads. Keeping balance is also an important skill. If you can't keep your balance, your moto will tip over very easily. If you are a new player, you can practice this game many times to master these skills.

How to control:

  • W or up arrow to accelerate.
  • A/D or left/right arrow to tilt.

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