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Parking Harder


Parking Harder - A Puzzle Parking Game

Parking Harder is a fun car control game. If you love card games then this is a great game for you! Start your journey to that challenging finish right now!

This is not a car race. This is a game to test your driving skills. This game is completely different from the Cars Drivers game. Instead of driving and exploring, you will park your car in the designated place. This is gameplay that has existed in many other online games. However, this game will give you more challenging levels. Can you park the car correctly?

Your mission in this online parking game

The task in this game is that you need to control your car on the small road so that your car is always in the middle of the track and does not collide on the two sides of the road. The speed of the vehicle is relatively slow and easy to control. But for any collision that happens even the smallest, you must stop the game. It can be seen that this is a game with simple gameplay, but it is also very difficult to complete this task.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to control this car.

Tips for playing

It takes you a while to get used to the speed and be able to control the cornering of this car. This is not difficult to do. Pay attention with focus you can reach the finish line of the track and you will become the champion in this game.

Control your car slowly to avoid a collision. Collisions in this game are a serious problem. You will have to restart that level.

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