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Sahara Racer


Sahara Racer - Endless Races In Desert

Sahara Racer is a racing game set in the endless Sahara desert. Notice the obstacles are giant cacti, they grow everywhere. You will be in big trouble if you hit them. So let's practice together. Can you pass this dangerous track? I believe you can! Start the race now!

Sahara Racer is a free online game that can be played in most modern browsers. Sahara Racer Online is a game that falls under the Skill category. This game has had 11272 plays, and 71% of players have given it a thumbs up. Sahara Racer is a WebGL game that can only be played on a PC web browser. On your computer, you can play the game for free online.


  • Exciting racing and fun free online game.
  • Cute cartoon graphics and impressive sound.
  • Endless races in the Sahara desert for racers
  • Simple gameplay and easy controls.
  • Suitable for all ages and can access on various devices.

Tips for playing the Sahara Racer game

  • Control your car calmly. On your way, there are many different obstacles. Therefore, if you are not calm enough, you will not overcome these obstacles.
  • Observe the entire map to be able to see the obstacles as soon as possible.
  • This game is an endless game for racing enthusiasts. It's not like the Vex 3 game where you can pause between acts. In this Sahara Racer game, you will try to run as far as possible, so concentration is very important. You should not neglect it even for a second.
  • The most important thing in any race is focus. Although the desert has no vehicles, there are many cacti. They grow everywhere. You can hit them and lose control in an instant. so pay attention and react quickly.

How to control: Click the AD or left / right arrow or left mouse button to control the movement of the car.

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