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Ships 3D


About Ship 3D

War on the sea broke out in the Ship 3D game. You have to control your battleship and attack your opponents by firing cannons at their ships.

It brings a more dramatic battle than the chase in Drift Scooter. Ships 3D is a strategy game with epic battles. Players will control their warships on the ocean battlefield. Try to destroy all enemies with cannon shooting.

Features of the Ship 3D

  • A strategy game
  • A dramatic war on the sea
  • Control the battleship to attack opponents

Play Ship 3D and enjoy the thrilling battles on the sea

The player will be taken to a sea battlefield, where there are countless other warships. Players need to use their weapons effectively to defeat opponents. Players can freely use weapons such as cannons, and mines. You also need to place your warship in a safe location, where it is easy to attack the enemy.

Controlling a battleship is quite difficult, so the game has a tool to help you, which is the Helper Bot. The Helper Bot will help you steer the ship, set the sails, and fire cannons. However, you can do it yourself, because the bot will stop if you start steering.

How to control:

  • Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move
  • Use the mouse to look around and aim the goal
  • Press F to interact with the steering
  • Use the left mouse to fire the cannon
  • Use the SPACE bar to jump
  • Use ENTER to communicate with other players


  • The flags on the ship indicate the direction of the wind.
  • Set the angle of the sail based on the points on the sail for maximum speed.
  • The sail will stop flapping when it is set correctly
  • You control the direction of the ship to follow the direction of the wind to achieve the fastest speed.

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