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Space Imposter


Space Imposter - A Game Inspired By Among Us

In the game Space Imposter, you take on the role of a space imposter. Despite the fact that the beloved characters of Among Us are locked in a strange dimension, they are eager to conquer this new adventure in a strange world full of various deadly objects.

Inspiration and gameplay of this imposter game

The objective of the game is to guide the characters among us through each level's treacherous platforms, jumping at the appropriate times to avoid dangerous blades on the ground or becoming trapped. You must guide the little figure to safety at each level while standing on a platform with various obstacles in your way. You will be able to gather many points along your course and trajectory in order to increase your rank and demonstrate that you are a true gamer. You will have a lot of fun playing this game.

This game is inspired by the game This is a famous game set on a spaceship. You will transform into a crewmate or imposter. The crewmate is tasked with finding the killer on the ship while the imposter will try to kill as many crewmates as possible. However, the importer will have to perform this quest silently. This inspired the game developer to release this game. You can try to experience the Run Imposter Run game, a new game about imposter characters.

How to control: Use arrows or tap and slide to navigate.

Tips for the game

  • You need to pay attention to the obstacles on the track. If you stumble upon them you will have to stop the game immediately and become the loser.
  • Control the running speed of the character. Since it's a fast-paced game, you need to get used to the speed to be able to safely pass the obstacles.
  • Pay attention to collecting as many stars on your track. It will help you in the next steps.

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