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Sport Car Hexagon

About Sport Car Hexagon


  • Sport Car Hexagon is a fun racetrack that attracts many of the world's best racers. In one of the most addictive game genres, the new kind of racing will provide interesting experiences and promises to eat up a lot of players' time. The one-of-a-kind race takes place in a floating area with multiple stories. It barely lasts a few minutes because the speed is so quick. Join Sport Car Hexagon to take part in an exciting supercar tournament.
  • A hexagonal brickfield confronts racing cars! Hexagon. Instead of starting, your yellow sports car will be parked alongside the other multicolored vehicles on the site. They will be controlled by internet players, so move quickly and don't pause. Bricks fall down gradually at first, then quickly enough. Drive over the maximum number plate as soon as possible. Failure is not the end; there is something else lurking in the shadows that you must address. Several plummeting levels await you, and if you complete the last one before the others, you will win in Sport Car! 
  • Featured:
    Unique novel racing game.
    Fast game speed.
    Beautiful 3D graphics, vibrant colors.
    Simulate cute cars.
    Simple gameplay.
    Suitable for all ages.

How to play

Arrow Keys and Space Button / Mobile Touch Control

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