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Stunt Biker 3D


Stunt Biker 3D - Stunt With 40 Levels and 3 Modes

Stunt Biker 3D is a stunning driving game in which you have to control your motorbike to make perfect stunts and reach the finish line to level up.

This game consists of 3 modes including Impossible, Challenge, and Racing. Choose your favorite mode and get ready to participate in the motorbike race. Perform impressive stunts like twists, mid-air flips, and rolls.

In an Impossible mode, your objective is to drive your motorbike to the finish line. The racetrack is built on the beach, so it is impossibly dangerous. Be careful!

In a Challenge mode, your mission is to control your motorbike to complete all designated challenges and reach the finish line. The challenges are really hard. Try your best! This mode is quite similar to the Vex 5 game where you have to complete each act to proceed to the next act.

In Racing mode, you have to race with another biker. The winner is the first one to cross the finish line. Be fast! Try to avoid deadly obstacles on the track.

In addition, you can challenge yourself with 40 different levels. Each level is a challenge for you to show your driving skills.

Note For You In the Stunt Biker 3D Game

  • Don't forget to collect nitrous bottles that you find on the route. They will make your motorbike more powerful. You are rewarded many coins after winning a level.
  • Use the coins you earn to purchase new motorbikes, customize your motorbike and upgrade the engine, brakes, and tires of your motorbike. Come on! Click to play
  • Stunt Biker 3D now! Are you the best biker?

Features of Stunt Biker 3D

  • Various types of motorbikes to select
  • Realistic driving physic
  • Multiple maps, 3 modes: Impossible, Challenge, and Racing
  • High-quality 3D graphics and an original soundtrack

How to control

  • Press the ARROW keys or WASD keys to control the bike
  • Press a Shift key for nitro

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