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Traffic Command

Play Traffic Command To Overcome Obstacles

Traffic Command - Directs traffic on the streets, directs cars, and informs them when to stop and when to go. Red Light, Green Light is a great game to play!

To begin, tap the GREEN light and then press the PLAY button. You now have complete control over all traffic lights.

To avoid any mishaps, control the traffic flow at each level. To start and halt traffic, simply change the traffic signal from red to green and back to red. As you strive to pass enough automobiles to pass each challenge, keep an eye out for the cars you can't control. You gain money when the car safely passes through the intersection. You must act quickly or the cars will collide! You will proceed once you have completed your level! Besides Traffic Commander, you can try to play Stairs to enjoy endless races. This is a new feature of this game compared to the Traffic Commander game. Come to this new game, you can experience exciting adventures with a ball.

How to play the Traffic Command game

  • You will take the role of a traffic policeman at the intersection. A place with all the traffic. If the control is not good, it will lead to traffic jams or even accidents.
  • The game's goal is to score as many points as possible in a round and avoid accidents on the road.
  • Take on the challenge, adjust the traffic lights, and control the traffic situation!
  • Try to complete all 8 levels in this fun online traffic light game.
  • Left-click on the color of the traffic lights

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