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Truck Dragging Driver

About Truck Dragging Driver

If you are a careful person, play the Truck Dragging Driver. You will drive the car reach to the destination carefully so as not to touch the obstacles.

It is not the dramatic chases in Car Chase. In the Truck Dragging Driver game, you have to control your truck carefully. The path to the finish line is quite long and obstacles are everywhere. You need to drive very carefully so as not to collide with obstacles.

Features of Truck Dragging Driver

  • Drive in a messing track
  • 3 tracks of challenging
  • 3 chances to fail

3 tracks of challenging in Truck Dragging Driver

The game has created 3 challenging tracks for you. The first track has the fewest challenges. It is quite short in length and the road is wide which makes it easy to pass. The second track has an average length. The width of the road has narrowed, which makes driving much more careful. The 3rd track has a very high difficulty. The track is very long and has many twists and turns. You have to be careful to complete this track.

How to play

In this game, the path is extremely messy. The path has many twists and turns and obstacles are on both sides of the road. You need to control your car very carefully so as not to collide with obstacles. You have 3 chances to complete the distance. This means you can collide with the obstacle 3 times before you fail. When you complete the game, you will be evaluated for the driving results. If you are to collide with an obstacle, you will be severely deducted points.

Take advantage of the 3 chances and finish the race with the highest score.

How to control: Use the mouse to drive the car.

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